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With which my characters pen their lives.

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[3rd place best fanfic author for NBC Hannibal 2014]

Omega Point
Rated: E
WC: 46,498
Will / Hannibal
Will is an engineer in a world where machines are the norm. He runs a black market part shop, designing his own chips and parts for the assistance robots that are common in the city. He is also the owner of one of the last remaining Hannibal models, no longer in production, which he tests all his new inventions and chips on. Including his latest development, the compassion chip.
Ya'aburnee Verse
Rated: E
WC: 99,638
Will / Hannibal
"Literally meaning ‘you bury me’, this is the hope that a person or loved one will outlive you as to spare yourself the pain of living life beyond that person."

Not all soul-mates are meant to love each other. Canon-verse.

Rated: E
WC: 137,993
Will / Hannibal
Not quite your typical rentboy situation. (an entirely depraved and disturbing AU covering everything from inappropriate use of blood to graphic physical violence to heavy non-con)
Five Lifetimes Verse
Rated: E
WC: 78,986
Will / Hannibal
There is never just one lifetime, not for people who are meant to meet. In Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter's case, they shared six. Five which they could not share fully, and one which they did.
Nice Work If You Can Get it
Rated: E
WC: 117,168
Will / Hannibal
Hannibal runs the biggest human trafficking ring in America, and Will is the new FBI agent sent to bring him down with a rico case. Hannibal knows who he is but plays along nonetheless, because he, in turn, wants something from Will.
Rated: E
WC: 52,268
Will / Hannibal
Prince William, controlled by the evil queen who also happens to be his obsessive stepmother, seeks the help of a foreign Duke to save the kingdom all the while falling desperately in love.



…I have been away from net for far too long. Basically I just checked my youtube for the first time in like A MONTH and found this. Not only is it my favourite fandom but it’s one of my favourite songs of all time. Holy fuck, best night ever.

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