merely the ink
With which my characters pen their lives.

You will find my calling below you, my influences above.

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Rated: E
WC: [WIP] 20K+
Will / Hannibal
Set in Renaissance Florence, Signore Lecter finds himself inexplicably drawn to the young English painter he takes on as his apprentice. Finding the passion for his art renewed by the presence of Will, he is swept up by the desire to capture the young man...
Omega Point
Rated: E
WC: 46,498
Will / Hannibal
Will is an engineer in a world where machines are the norm. He runs a black market part shop, designing his own chips and parts for the assistance robots that are common in the city. He is also the owner of one of the last remaining Hannibal models, no longer in production, which he tests all his new inventions and chips on. Including his latest development, the compassion chip.
These Nights Are Endless
Rated: E
WC: 34,734
Will / Hannibal
Hannibal / Clash of the Titans AU - Hannibal (Draco) visits a whore house in the market before leaving with Perseus to battle the Kraken. He sees Will and learns he is a former hierodule, sold to the whore house after he came of age and began to bore the temple. He’s now sold to men who like to torture and beat the erômenos After much sass from his caretaker, Hannibal spends a pretty penny to take Will for the night. Will is terrified and expectant of torture and pain.
Five Lifetimes Verse
Rated: E
WC: 78,986
Will / Hannibal
There is never just one lifetime, not for people who are meant to meet. In Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter's case, they shared six. Five which they could not share fully, and one which they did.
Nice Work If You Can Get it
Rated: E
WC: 117,168
Will / Hannibal
Hannibal runs the biggest human trafficking ring in America, and Will is the new FBI agent sent to bring him down with a rico case. Hannibal knows who he is but plays along nonetheless, because he, in turn, wants something from Will.
Rated: E
WC: 52,268
Will / Hannibal
Prince William, controlled by the evil queen who also happens to be his obsessive stepmother, seeks the help of a foreign Duke to save the kingdom all the while falling desperately in love.
❝ Perhaps this is what it means to go mad: to be emptied and to be aware of the emptiness. ❞

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My Harem of Imaginary Husbands:

4/10: Callum Keith Rennie

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Sebastian Stan’s Mouth Appreciation Post: 1/

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Hannibal - Season 2 Episode 8 : Su-Zakana

I love how you can see all the pain in Will’s face, as if he’s determined to right the wrongs done to him by Hannibal through helping him and his injustices. Acting.

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 Advice he’d give a 12-year-old version of himself"It might sound oversimplified, but I’d say, ‘Shhh.’ It’s so funny how noisy my brain is - it’s what it does, it makes thoughts. And the problem is, I think in most of our lives the root of suffering is listening to that brain noise and actually identifying with it as if it’s who you are. That’s just the noise your brain makes. And more often than not, it probably doesn’t have much to say that’s going to help you. I’ve felt my best are the moments that I’ve been able to pull that plug and say, ‘Chris … shhh … shhh.’ And it’s not quitting, it’s not giving up, it’s not washing your hands of the thought, it’s rising above it. All the time I’ve spent suffering as a result of brain noise, hours of my life wasted. So that’s what I’d say: ‘Shhh.’"

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Giveaway, signed script for BIRDLAND


So I’m thinking of doing a giveaway for Birdland, as my last two for Coriolanus and Mojo went quite well. My idea for this one was to get the script of Birdland signed by Andrew personalised to whoever wins (so he writes it to your name). Plus I can try and get the other actors (and writer if he’s still around) to sign it as well if you wish (though I’m still finding it hard to recognise some of them sans costume!)

Obviously I can’t guarantee this because I won’t be able to get it signed until after the winner is chosen, but I can try my best (and the way stage door has gone so far when I’ve been there, max 20 people, quite relaxed, it looks promising so long as people aren’t stupid).


  • You don’t have to be following me (it’s more about getting the play/autograph out to someone who can’t make it to the Royal Court).
  • Reblogs only, likes won’t count.
  • Reblog as many times as you want.
  • I’ll ship anywhere
  • Winner will be randomly selected.
  • Giveaway will close Sunday 11th May 2014 (6pm GMT)

If you’re selected

  • You have to be willing to give me your address so I can post it to you.
  • You can chose whose ever name you want to get it signed to (but a real name, I’m not asking Andrew to sign something ridiculous).

I think that’s about it. My inbox is open for any questions.

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